The courage to write

October 22, 2008

Writing is an act of courage. It is a daring act.  During one of my impulsive visits to Barnes and Noble, I came across a book titled The Courage to Write, by Ralph Keyes. It spells out in graphic detail, the fear that (apparently) every writer wrestles with as they cautiously put their thoughts on paper. For whatever reason, maybe to be revealed in upcoming “posts”, i’ve decided to create this blog. I struggled for a little while with what I would say for the first time and what I may continue to say, and then I remembered this book and how strongly it spoke to me.

“Writing is public speaking on paper but to a much larger audience… Spoken words blow away in the wind. Published ones last as long as the paper which they’re printed.” The Courage to Write p.8

So to those who think that this is something easy to do, the fear factor is quite large, for me at least. I’ve learned that fear is a natural part of writing and it should be. Fear of exposure, fear of criticism and a lack of knowledge of the subject at hand and many others.

So here is my first post. I think it’s a good place to start. A good foundation from which to build a structure I have no plans for yet.

Be fearful and “you are at the place from which writing comes”…